Breakfast Continental


We are all different. We wake up at different times, have breakfast at different times, love different food and drinks. That is why in our hotel we do not arrange breakfast for everyone at the same time, but we approach this issue individually. We ask the guests in advance what time they want to come for breakfast and what they will eat. Thus, it turns out that our chef prepares breakfast personally for each guest, taking into account his wishes. Breakfast includes two hot dishes to choose from from the menu (porridge, pancakes, casserole, cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, omelet, etc.), drinks - fruit drinks, tea, coffee, and pastries. Breakfast takes place at any time convenient for the guest. The cost of breakfast is 400 rubles.

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Homemade cheeses

In our hotel you can buy homemade cheeses (camembert, balanse, belper knollet).